15+ Photos That Prove Our Grandparents Are Wildly Awesome

2 years ago

Old photos of our grandparents are a treasure. When we look at them, we can’t help but feel that they have something to tell us about their life when they were younger. And in some cases, you may find out that your grandpa was a pilot or that your grandma loved motorcycles.

We at Bright Side decided to return back to our roots and found some gorgeous old photos of our grandparents that make us realize just how cool they really were.

1. “A 60-year-old photo of my grandpa — the letter in his pocket is a love letter from my grandma.”

2. “My grandmother was against motorcycles her entire life. Here she is sometime around 1960 on one.”

3. “My grandfather when he was a pilot in 1968”

4. “My grandmother winning her school jump rope competition in 6th grade.”

5. “My grandparents, 1970s vs 2014”

6. “My grandmother’s high school dance group in the 1940s”

7. “My great-grandmother using a mirror to take a selfie in the late ’30s”

8. “My grandmother in her youth doing stunts with her brother sometime in the early ’60s”

9. “I restored this photo of my German grandmother and American grandfather who met in WWII.”

10. “My great-grandmother’s cousin was one of America’s first female Olympic champions in 1922.”

11. “My grandmother was a pilot during WWII.”

12. “My gorgeous grandparents, 1943”

13. “My favorite picture of my grandparents from the 1940s. My grandpa was 6’4”."

14. “The kind of relationship I want! These are my grandparents back in 1962.”

15. “My great-grandfather lounging in a pool, 1983”

16. “Here are my grandparents skiing straight through the color barrier in 1966.”

17. “My grandmother in 1952 with her first car”

18. “My dad taking a selfie using a piece of wood, 1957”

Do you have any cool pictures of your grandparents? Please share them with us!

Preview photo credit Smellie305 / reddit


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