15+ Photos That Remind Us What It Was Like to Be a Child

No matter how hard our childhood was, we still tend to think of it as a careless and merry time. And it’s so great to look back at our childhood photos and remember, with a smile, what it was like to be a child.

“My mom bought my sister and me these sweet snowsuits but we didn’t have a lot of money so she always bought stuff that we could grow into.”

“My brothers, me, and a friend playing pogs (the early ’90s)”

“My 1970s childhood. Me, in a homemade jumper and trendy dungarees rocking in a homemade milk crate swing.”

“My sister and I at a café, February 1993”

“Looks like the future arrived early for this cool kid (yes, that’s me).”

“Me playing Sonic the Hedgehog in the early-mid ’90s. There’s a lot of ’90s nostalgia in this photo.”

“Me, at 9, wearing all my favorite items of clothing at the same time”

“Back in 1998, I used to really, really love Pokémon.”

“My beautiful mom circa 1991. She gave my sister and me a wonderful childhood and these floral dresses.”

“13-14-year-old me during my ’Eminem phase.’”

“That’s a hairbrush hanging from my lamp and all of my photos from that time were turned black and gray with a graphics editor. Good times.”

“My friend gave me permission to post this early 2000s glam she is serving.”

“Me and my grandpa, out on a walk trying out my new overalls in the early ’90s”

“My childhood friend and I used to take yarn and cover the playroom like a spiderweb every time we played together.”

“I found a functioning Dinkie Dino virtual pet at a friends’ place a while back. Anyone remembers those beauties?”

“It’s 1994, Lion King is coming out next month in theaters but I’m already rocking the dress. Life was so good in the ’90s.”

“Me and my little brother are hypnotized by some cartoon or something. My mom handmade all of our awesome outfits!”

Perhaps all of us were capable of being this happy about little things in childhood.

Preview photo credit meatmountains / Reddit


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Thank you for posting. I loved every single picture. I have a daughter that grew up in the nineties but I shared those good times with her.


All of the photos were fantastic but I loved the milk crate swing! It was magnificent!


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