15+ Photos That Show the Beauty of the Endangered Peoples of the World

3 years ago

About 12 years ago, a photographer Alexander Khimushin set off on an exciting journey in search of small peoples and ethnic tribes on the brink of extinction in order to immortalize their representatives, at least in portraits. His best works were included in the project The World in Faces, which was presented at the UN exhibition in 2019. Despite the fact that Alexander has traveled to 86 countries, Siberia occupies a special place in this traveler’s heart. The photographer is currently preparing a personal exhibition of The World in Faces at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. It will be dedicated to the International Mother Language Day.

Bright Side has already written about his work, but since this photographer is constantly adding more and more new pictures, we decided to do another article, because his work is really important for the world. And at the end of the article, you will find the photo of a representative of a non-disappearing, but no less beautiful people.

“This is a portrait of Aryuna, a young indigenous Buryat woman from Siberia.”

“A young indigenous woman from the Chimbu Province, Papua New Guinea”

“Chukchi woman and Chuvan man, Siberia”

“Chukchi indigenous women in front of their yaranga on the shore of the Bering Sea, Chukotka”

“Daasanach tribe young woman, Ethiopia”

“Young Dolgan woman, Arctic Siberia”

“Indigenous woman of Kamchatka, Siberia”

“Itelmen indigenous woman from Kamchatka, Siberia”

“Representative of the Kaqchikel people (Maya). Highlands of Guatemala”

“Maria and Aimka. Khakas indigenous people of Siberia”

“A portrait of a Khalkha woman I took in Mongolia.”

“Khik boy, Afghanistan”

“Ladakhi woman from the remote Nubra Valley”

“Mongolian Kazakh girl in her traditional winter coat”

“Alyu Khoymumyakovitch Chunanchar belongs to the Nganasan indigenous group of the Arctic.”

“Indigenous Nganasan boy from the Arctic part of Siberia in traditional clothing.”

“Nivkh woman. Okhotsk Sea shore. Far East Siberia”

“This is a portrait of Lisa — one of the last several representatives of the Orochi people (Japan sea coast in the Far East region of Siberia)”

“One of the last few elders of the Soyot indigenous people”

“Young Soyot woman from the remote Okinsky region, Buryatia Republic, Siberia”

“Tribal elder from the East Sepik, Papua New Guinea”

“Tribal elder from the Eastern Highlands, Papua New Guinea”

“Ulchi indigenous woman from Far East Siberia”

“Altai Uriankhai girl from the Khovd Province of Western Mongolia”

“Young Gelugpa monk. Nubra Valley”

" Portrait of a young Yukaghir indigenous lady from the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic, the coldest inhabited region of the world."

“Siberian Yupik indigenous people, father and son, on the Chukotka shore of the Bering Sea, just a few miles away from St. Lawrence Island in Alaska”

Alexander Khimushin himself

“In this traditional Chukchi reindeer herders clothing, I definitely feel ready for a long Siberian winter!”

Bonus: “A Chuvash indigenous young woman in traditional clothing. These peoples aren’t endangered.”

Do you like the work of this photographer? Which photo impressed you the most?


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