13 Families Who Have No Idea What “Boredom” Means

We all have that one goofy family member, who always makes our sides hurt laughing, whether it’s the pranks they pull or their pure charisma. Perhaps your Mom who sends you hilarious photos from the dentist, or your brother who can’t stay awake at the dinner table, we all appreciate a good laugh with them. These families show us that every family has its own wacky humor and non-stop drama.

1. “My kid’s first time meeting Santa went better than I ever dreamed it would.”

2. “The pic my mom sent me from the dentist.”

3. “Daylight savings time hits some of us harder than others.”

4. “My mom requested balloons on my grandma’s 80th birthday cake. We got these happy guys and a good laugh!”

5. “This is what true love looks like. My mom taking a picture of my dad acting like he’s stuck in the dryer.”

6. “My dad went last minute shopping and ended up being Fat Thor before we took my son trick or treating.”

7. “So I got my son’s kindergarten photos back...”

8. “My daughter fell asleep while eating Fazolis... too much excitement after her first hair salon appointment.”

9. “Moved in with my brother and his fiancée. I think they might be monsters.”

10. “This is how my mom uses her computer mouse and it angers me beyond words.”

11. “This is how you spell Banana, according to my brother.”

12. “My mom gave me an old Santa Christmas decoration. But my puppy got a hold of it and WHO IS THIS?!”

13. “Drove 4 hours today for the doctor to let us know he can hear just fine. He’s just ignoring us.”

Who is the jester in your family? Do you have any comic stories to share with us about them?

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Please note: This article was updated in October 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit goofyb****6977 / Reddit


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