15+ Photos That Will Awaken Memories and Make You Dig Into Your Old Albums

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2 years ago

It seems like the time we spend with those we love will be engraved in our memories forever. However, as time passes, the best way to go back to those moments is by going through old photos. And in doing so, we might end up finding images that prove we look a lot like an ancestor or even see how time affected the people we care about.

People on the Internet shared photos that woke up feelings about our past here at Bright Side, and now we’re sharing those images with you.

1. “An ornament that I made with my nanny when I was a kid.”

2. “A childhood life-size doll that my mom and I had as children. My mom realized she dressed me to match her old doll. Hope this haunts your dreams!”

3. “This is my mom and me when I was 10, when glamour shots were a thing...”

4. “Not much has changed in 25 years.”

5. “This is my great-great-grandmother in the 1800s, roughly. Don’t have the exact date. I know nothing of this side of my family outside of knowing that I’m part Japanese.”

6. “2 photographs of my Nana, taken 71 years apart”

7. “My sister just sent me this photo of me playing Nintendo in her room, 1994.”

8. “I’m pretty sure every ’90s kid has a picture of them and 4 friends being the Spice Girls (circa 1996-1997).”

9. “My ancestors’ wedding portrait, 1863”

10. “My pops in the late ’70s with his 427 big-block Vette.”

11. “My grandma and grandpa, then and now, with their wedding photo from the 1950s/’60s on the right — that cake is massive.”

12. “Cousins, 20-year difference”

13. “My grandmother in 1940, and me in 2005”

14. “My grandma ran away and joined the circus among all the other crazy things she did. Here she is as a trapeze artist on the far right.”

15. “My mom and brother, Christmas morning in 1951”

16. “My grandma’s pink hair in the ’50s”

17. “My mother-in-law, 1982”

Which photo from your past do you cherish the most? Which image from our compilation made you go back in time and think about the good memories you have with your family?

Preview photo credit Pi-zz-a / reddit


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