15 Pics Proving That Perfection Does Exist

2 years ago

Sometimes life doesn’t allow you to catch a break — everything seems a bit odd, disorganized, and frustratingly random. However, every once in a while, life presents us with a moment that is just splendid — the stars align, the sun shines bright, and the foil has no yogurt stuck on it.

We at Bright Side want to show you 15 pictures that will give your spirit rest and present the perfectionists among you with a meditative experience.

1. “My community just applied a new seal coat to the pavement.”

2. “No yogurt got stuck on the foil!”

3. “I can’t not do this whenever washing this spoon.”

4. “The way these shirts are folded”

5. “My tomato fit perfectly inside my onion.”

6. “These stacked chairs”

7. “This is how I tidy my obnoxious phone cord.”

8. “When all your mugs go through the dishwasher at the same time so you get to line them up perfectly...”

9. “Saw this on my way back to Texas.”

10. “The way this lemon perfectly fits with the rim of this cup”

11. “I snapped this pic of a subway station in Toronto.”

12. “My Wii on my new TV stand”

13. “When you actually read the documentation before starting”

14. “A head of garlic bought from the supermarket is just one massive clove.”

15. “The refraction rainbow from my glass shower door lined up perfectly with the water stream in my sink.”

Have you ever encountered such little moments of perfection in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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