15+ Pics That Need the Full Story to Make Sense

2 years ago

In 2011, 27 million pieces of content were shared online every day. Today, no less than 3.2 billion images are shared on a daily basis. It takes us a mere couple of seconds to snap a picture, and we’re not limited to a roll of film anymore. As a consequence, we snap pictures of everything, and sometimes we can’t keep them to ourselves.

Bright Side has a game for you — we prepared a list of images and your task is to figure them out without reading the explanation. Are you in?

1. “I wondered what my dad’s prosthetic finger would look like on my toe.”

2. “I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.”

3. “My roommate thought I made cinnamon rolls. I actually made bacon. He was not happy with his finger scoop.”

4. “My treadmill kicked all the dirt from my shoes into a ’heavy’ and a ’light’ pile.”

5. “The fog during my flight makes the city seem like it hasn’t rendered.”

6. “The imprint of me lying face down in the snow looks like it’s actually popping out from the snow.”

7. “The border of my tattoo turned into a stretch mark during my first pregnancy. Now it looks 3D.”

8. “This truck looks like it came out of a wormhole. It’s actually carrying a wind turbine blade.”

9. “I got a cramp on the side of my hand, and you can actually see it.”

10. “I took a photo of my new faucet LED the exact moment it turned from red to green (or green to red).”

11. This is what a scan of a moving hand looks like.

12. “These aren’t actually bricks, it’s just white paint on red cement.”

13. “This tire went flat, was driven on, damaging the sidewalls, and then reinflated.”

14. “I made a snowman out of a melting paste. Here it is after an hour.”

15. “This is what happens when you wear socks and shoes outside every day for 20 years.”

16. “Shaved my hands, probably shouldn’t have. I just felt like my hands were too hairy.”

17. “Discovered that my tooth implant doesn’t glow like the rest of my teeth under a black light — regular photo for comparison.”

Which of these pics got you guessing about its backstory? What’s the last picture you took on your phone that only makes sense if you explain it? Share it with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit teaton67 / Reddit, karlkat / Reddit


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