15 Pics That Show You Can Never Ace the Parenting Game

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2 years ago

Parenting is a high stakes-high reward game, as any parent knows, but you can never master it perfectly. Because it always comes up with new challenges and funny moments — from kids themselves and, sometimes, even from society and the world around us.

We at Bright Side gathered 15 photos of witty parents that show what raising kids is all about.

1. “I asked my kids to take some books upstairs. This is my bedroom door.”

2. “After 72 days in the hospital, we brought my son home. 2 jokes later, he wished he was back in.”

3. “How my wife dressed our daughter after the teachers at daycare told her we should be dressing her more like a girl.”

4. “When your husband finds your hairbrush...”

5. “My son is obsessed with our washer so I made this image with him.”

6. “My daughter showed me that she’s been writing every number when she gets bored. So I dug up my very old notebook.”

7. “My husband gave me some of his old band T-shirts, so I made a dress for our daughter.”

8. “How do you respond to people telling you your daughter is beautiful? My canned response is ’Thanks, I made it myself!.’”

9. “I am the swaddle king!”

10. “Who here has reached ‘make coffee while you drink coffee’ levels of fatherhood?”

11. “3 girls? No problem!”

12. “All my years of playing Tetris have prepared me for this very moment.”

13. “Me and my son celebrated his 2 months with the Slavic tradition of squatting.”

14. “Today, *I* was the Prettiest Princess.”

15. “Every baby in the family gets the Pride Rock treatment.”

Do you have kids? Which photo can you relate to the most?

Preview photo credit igorandmaddy / reddit


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