15 Pictures That Show Animals Can Act Exactly the Same Way as Humans

2 years ago

Our pets are more similar to us than we might realize. For example, cats, as social creatures, often copy the habits of other members of their “friend group,” including their owners. You’re a big, clumsy cat in their eyes. So next time your cat is trying to sleep on your laptop, it’s not because it wants attention. It’s trying to be like you, share your interests, and figure out what all the fuss is about.

Bright Side compiled an anthology of animals being just like us. And as humans do, they express joy, love, and confusion, and they’re incredibly good at making goofy faces.

1. “Sleeping squirrels in their nest on the window ledge”

2. “My parents’ dog can wink better than most of us.”

3. “My 2 sons”

4. “That face was pulled after I planted a little kiss on his forehead.”

5. “She can’t take another snow day! She cracks me up when she naps with her hand over her face.”

6. “My dogs react differently to the early winter mornings. It’s a matter of personality.”

7. “This is how my cat looks out the window so he can see over the deck rail.”

8. “Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing...”

9. “My buddy Lolo sits at the window like she’s hanging out at a bar.”

10. “She’s not allowed on the new couch so she pulled the blanket and pillow off and got comfy.”

11. She has good selfie days and bad selfie days.

12. “Who’s a good driver?”

13. “My baby goat found out how to climb, and now she feels very tough.”

14. “My cat crawls under the blankets on my brother’s bed to sleep like this. He even has his own phone.”

15. “Gosh, not another selfie, Dad. Ugh!”

What weird habits do your pets have? Share your pet pics with us!

Preview photo credit Ludwig Timm / Facebook


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