15+ Pictures That Show How Time Changes Everything

3 years ago

Time has a funny way of changing things. If you’ve ever looked at old clothes and wondered why they all look faded, it probably wasn’t the style — they just lost their color over time. A lot of objects change and break in some pretty surprising ways once enough time has passed.

We at Bright Side have to admit that we’re all slaves to time and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Don’t forget to check out our bonus feature that shows how the passage of time can be a beautiful thing.

1. “The floor has worn out where lots of people have stood at my local shop.”

2. “We live next to the ocean — here’s the comparison between the outside and inside doorknob.”

3. “My Uber driver’s consistent arm placement has worn the top of the center console out.”

4. “A new and used Lego keychain”

5. “The spot in my high school where people pivot on the stairs”

6. This is how things look in-between extreme makeovers.

7. This spoon used to be silver.

8. This candle has completed a marvelous weight loss program.

9. “The way this Doctor Who picture has faded makes it look like he’s being exterminated.”

10. “This Coke faded and turned yellow in the sun.”

11. 2 of a kind doesn’t last forever...

12. If you’re wondering why there’s only blue on this fridge magnet, it’s because it’s the only color that stayed.

13. One cat was played with but not the other, proving that exercise gets rid of all that “fluff.”

14. Someone played so much PacMan that the game burned into this CRT TV screen.

15. “A Pickle Rick pop socket I’ve had for 2.5 years vs a new one”

16. “The way this floor has faded in near-perfect semi-circles at this barbershop”

17. “The difference in shoe wear between my regular foot and my prosthetic foot after a year”

18. After all these years, Elizabeth I might look faded...but she is still the Queen.

Bonus: Sometimes cracks can be kind of mesmerizing.

What are some other ways you’ve seen time change things? Please share your pictures with us in the comments!


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