15 Pictures That Show Some Things Will Always Stay the Same

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Time changes things, but not everything. Sometimes, just around the corner, it leaves remains that have the power to send us back in time. And to that, we should be very grateful, as reminiscing about the good old days can make us appreciate all of life’s moments even more, no matter how hard it may be at times.

1. Lady Diana with her son, Prince Harry, in 1988, and Catherine, Princess of Wales, with her son, Prince Louis, in 2022

2. “Bear Lake, CO — my grandfather in 1956, and his great-grandson in 2022”

3. “Celebrated my grandma’s eighty-fifth birthday last week. She had this recreation on her dresser of her kids.”

4. “20 years ago vs now”

5. “1992 to 2022 — a cousin photo”

6. “My BFF and me, taken 20 years apart”

7. “12 years ago and now with my son”

8. “My dad and me on the right vs my little brother and his son on the left — we look like doppelgängers.”

9. “My nanny and papa (center) and family in 1951 and 2003”

10. “My brother at 19 vs my son at 19”

11. “My brother and me, 2017 and 1990”

12. “17 years apart; 2004 cicada brood vs 2021 cicada brood”

13. “Crater Lake in 1982 and 2022”

14. “My old girl and me in 1998 and 2018”

15. “Before and after — Bernard”

What’s something in your life that hasn’t changed throughout the years?


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