15+ Pictures That Were Captured to Leave You in Awe

7 months ago

The interjection “Wow!”, used to describe surprise and admiration, has Scottish origins and it can be traced all the way back to the 1500s. Hundreds of years later, we still use the same word whenever we see something amazing and we can’t find another way to describe what we’ve just experienced. When we first saw the pine cone bird, we knew we must follow its path and fly around to find equally interesting pics, and here are our results — we hope they’ll put a smile on your face.

1. Models Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls got some hidden talents.

2. “This is what a raven’s mouth looks like.”

3. “The happiest potato I’ve ever seen”

4. “My friend found this lemon today amongst normal lemons.”

5. “The result of a moose scratching its antlers against a tree during shedding season”

6. “Me demonstrating how big traffic signals actually are”

7. “A melanistic garden snail. I’ve never seen one before!”

8. “Last summer I found out a 2-tailed gecko.”

9. “The inside of a pine cone”

10. “My rescued morphed axolotls have a gene that makes them glow green under black light.”

11. “Lizard shaped hole in the sidewalk”

12. “This tree fell down, refused to die, and grew back up.”

13. “Eclipse shadows through a tree”

14. “An incredibly rare tri-clawed lobster”

15. This bird looks like a pine cone.

16. “I’ve been unintentionally dressing up as my deodorant can.”

Preview photo credit caradelevingne / Instagram


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