15 Reminders That Nature Is Still the Most Wonderful Canvas Around Us

2 years ago

There are countries with nearly 15,000 registered environmental non-profit organizations that focus on nature and animal welfare. This is clear proof that people care a lot about nature and reserving its best health. And it’s everyday people who fight for reserving old trees, not interrupting nature’s activities, and making sure birds and other animals live peacefully.

Bright Side wants to pay our respect to nature and all its elements for hugging us and giving us everything that makes our lives beautiful.

1. Chainsaw artist, Simon O’Rourke, carved an open palm at the top of a cut tree in Wales.

2. “This tree growing out of an abandoned bulldozer in Maui”

3. A tree evolving into a bird

4. “Sandbox tree”

5. “This leaf that has lost its skin”

6. “Wind-blown icicles in an Aghveran resort”

7. “Trees and sky”

8. “Hydrant vs roots”

9. “Nature complementing the house”

10. “Some snow along the coast of this Tottori prefecture”

11. “The way this tree grew”

12. “Nothing beats the beauty of nature.”

13. “The Tree of Life found in a tomato”

14. “Sea glass that looks like candy”

15. “This tree root that looks like an alligator head”

What is the most magnificent natural sighting you’ve ever stumbled upon?


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