15+ Simple House Chore Tricks That Can Make Your Life Easier

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2 years ago

Some people get quite witty ideas on how to simplify their life, while the Internet lets them share these house chore pearls of wisdom with others. Turns out, keeping half a banana and slicing cheese without a knife is quite simple.

We at Bright Side never miss a chance to apply a couple of new life hacks to our lives, and we’re happy to share them with you, too.

  • In order to avoid getting a “fountain” when opening a soda drink, hit the top of the cap a couple of times before opening it.
  • Here is how you can save half your banana for tomorrow. © pastafaz / Reddit
  • I recently learned that silver can be cleaned with ordinary ketchup. I tried it, it works.
  • I have recently read that green avocados need to be buried in flour for ripening. I tried it. The result was 16 out of 16. The time required is 3-4 days. I used regular, whole grain, and wheat flour. Avocados were ideally ripened and had perfect consistency at the end. I just take them out of the flour and eat them. The flour can later be used for its intended purpose.
  • You can easily slice cheese with a peeler. © Connorsali / Tiktok
  • Instead of being thrown away, dill stems can be used when roasting meat or fish. Dill makes good friends with fish. I know people who collect everything: greenery stems, carrot peels, onion peels, the “butts” of capsicum — they freeze them and then make vegetable soup
  • I grind all the stems in a blender with olive oil and cheese. You can also add nuts and garlic, put it all in a jar, and later spread it on bread or add it to salads. You’ll get a kind of pesto sauce. It’s delicious.
  • In order not to peel your eggs for salads, you can boil them as one piece by breaking them all into a bowl and placing them over a pot with boiling water.
  • Grilled cheese cooked in a waffle iron is a perfect addition to soup-puree because the holes hold extra soup. © gooberdawg / Reddit
  • We wash everything in the dishwasher — shoes, backpacks, etc. It’s an ideal solution! Nothing gets torn, nothing gets creased, and everything gets washed well. Occasionally, we also put combs and brushes into the dishwasher. They come out as new! I then rinse everything with tap water, and they are ready to use. Also, I sometimes wash kids’ toys in the dishwasher, soap basins, and some working tools. All in all, we put everything that should be cleaned well but shouldn’t be twisted or floundered.
  • To keep the immersion blender from splattering the batter around, I put a plastic bag over the bowl and keep everything around it clean.
  • I can’t live without kitchen knives. I cut everything with them — fish fins, raw and cooked chicken or duck, lettuce, etc. I also use it for cutting orange peels into small cubes. All this can be done much faster than with a regular knife and much safer.
  • Place a sheet of paper into a Pringles pack, and no more struggling to fit your hand in the container. © Previous-Mud7919 / Reddit
  • To keep my car windows from fogging up, I buy dehumidifier cartridges and put them in a plastic container under the car seat. About 300 ml of water gets collected during the night. In the morning, I just pour it out — and no windows fogging!
  • I got a bar of “high quality” soap as a present for Christmas from my mom. At first, I thought maybe I should change my T-shirt more often, but she just laughed and said it isn’t for washing my body, but rather to put it in my dresser. Now every time I open my dresser I get welcomed by the smell of oranges! © DaRealLettuceDealer / Reddit
  • Use an old dish drying rack as an under-the-sink organizer! © Sci-Rider / Reddit
  • I’m a huge plant person. So my advice is: when you move a plant from point A to point B, this is a huge shock to the plant, and it needs time to recover. Repotting is also a huge shock and, if you don’t let the plant recover from being moved first, it’s really not going to like this and probably drop leaves, turn yellow, and look really sad/die. If you hold your horses and wait a week or 2, you’ll have a much higher chance of getting a positive outcome. However, some plants are just wimps and will die even if you do everything right. © mynamesisntsarah / Reddit

Do you use any life hacks that ease your house chore activities?


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Washing shoes in a dishwasher? Yeah... you are doing right, bro!


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