«Her Face Is Too Round,» Kate Middleton Seen for the 1st Time Since Surgery (Pic Inside)

4 months ago

Kate Middleton was seen for the first time in more than two months since having undergone abdominal surgery. The 42-year-old royal was pictured sitting in a car next to her mom, Carole Middleton, near Windsor Castle. Kate kept her hair down to keep a low profile, but people deemed that she was unrecognizable.


The Princess of Wales wore black sunglasses while her mother who was driving the car. She looked relaxed as she gazed straight ahead. Although it’s not clear where they were headed, it appeared to be just the mother and daughter in the car.

Kate hasn’t been seen in public since December 25, 2023, when she, Prince William, and their three kids all wore blue for a Christmas morning event at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Norfolk, England.

The internet was flooded with comments when the first photo of Kate appeared. And while many fans were content to see their beloved Royal, many others found it hard to believe that it was actually her and noted that her face looked different.

For example, one person commented, «It’s not her. Her face is too round,» while another wrote, «That doesn’t look like Kate.»

This photo came after another update about the Princess of Wales, where an insider explained where she is now and why she wasn’t appearing in public.


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Ffs she's probably on steroids. They're VERY well-known for ,'moon-face' as a side-effect...


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