15 Stories That Fit Into One Photo But Thrilled Thousands of People

3 years ago

"It's better to see it once rather than read it 100 times." That's the principle we followed when creating this compilation. This article will show you a set of touching and heart-warming photos from simple people and prove that kindness is all around.

Bright Side collected kind, nice, sometimes funny, and sometimes touching photos of regular people who shared these photos on the internet...not expecting that they would become viral.

The owners of a Turkish gym presented a 12-year-old Syrian boy with a lifelong subscription.

A photo of a teenage shoe cleaner who is bewitched while looking at a gym became viral and flew around all the Turkish media. The owners of the club were deeply affected by the guy and gave him the opportunity to go in for sports at any time.

"My girlfriend just got the call that her donor heart is ready."

"30 minutes until surgery. We are so happy."

"A middle school in the USA started a 'Breakfast with Dads' program."

"But many dads couldn’t make it, and several students didn't have father figures. The school posted a Facebook request for 50 volunteer fathers...and 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up."

"A week ago, my cat got lost."

"But I found it 4 days ago, and today my cat has returned too. Now I have 2 identical cats."

"My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover of the calendar."

NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is a charity calendar, the proceeds of which go to provide food and shelter for more than 30,000 representatives of the working class in New York.

Haitian immigrant Alix Idrache could not hold back tears at the commencement ceremony at West Point, NY.

This academy is one of the most prestigious military universities in the United States. 7 years ago, this guy did not know English very well and lived in the working area of Port-au-Prince. In 2016, he graduated from West Point with honors.

Paola Antonini (in the middle) is celebrating the third anniversary of the catastrophe in which she lost her leg.

3 years ago, the 22-year-old model fell victim to a terrible accident: on New Year's Eve, she was shot down by a drunk driver, and her leg was broken in 4 places. With the options of being unhappy all her life or being grateful to still be alive, this beautiful girl chose the second one.

This guy saw a duck going under the ice, and he did not hesitate about what to do next.

Many people like to swim in a river in winter, but not everyone will rush to save an unfamiliar animal. A Norwegian man called Lars Jørun Langøien rushed to break the ice and saved the duck from imminent death.

"My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today I got a tattoo."

"A random stranger ended up becoming a friend on a 6-hour trip on a train."

"Sat next to a video game animator on a 6-hour train journey across China. He decided to keep my daughter entertained for a lot of the trip by drawing her portrait and playing with her and also had his dad take us to our hotel. A random stranger but ended up a friend."

"On the first day of 2018, my father found a whale on the shore that was still alive."

"He called me and 911. A few hours later, under the guidance of the rescuers, we dug a trench and dragged the big whale back into the sea. A good beginning of the New Year."

Brian cooks 50 tubs of food every evening.

This man has retired recently and found an activity for his soul. He allots money from his pension and prepares food for the homeless every evening.

Kate McClure‏ thanked a homeless man for his kindness by collecting more than $400,000 for him.

Kate McClure‏ got into an unpleasant situation: late at night, her car refused to start, and so the girl decided to go to the nearest gas station on foot. Johnny, who sits on the curb every day with a note asking for money, knew that this place is unsafe and offered the girl his help. He told her to get back into her car and close the window while he himself went to the gas station and bought gasoline with the last $20 he had. His kindness didn't leave Kate indifferent, and she started a campaign to collect money for her savior.

Meet a blind deer and its guide!

"There is a blind deer in our neighborhood, and this 10-year-old boy walks her from one grass patch to another every day before school to make sure she finds food."

A guy left a jesting comment asking for a free sweater. The author got the sarcasm, but he still decided to do a good deed.

Which of these stories is the most heart-warming in your opinion? Do you have such photos as well? Please share them in the comments!

Preview photo credit 42dftba / reddit


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