15+ Things That Probably Came to Us From Another Planet

year ago

With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it’s not uncommon for individuals to take peculiar and unique photos once in a while. Some turn out to be bizarre or hilarious, and sometimes they totally twist our perception of what’s real. Below, we put together 17 pictures that totally look like they were taken on an alternate Earth in the multiverse.

1. “This unit of a snowman my wife and I built”

2. “I will admit, it is satisfying — until you realize it’s impossible to wash your hands without splashing yourself.”

3. “I ordered this small item, and it arrived in a 24×16×8 package full of packing peanuts.”

4. “This lasagne-looking salad”

5. “’Family’ bathroom”

6. “The ultimate jigsaw puzzle for the guy that installs wooden flooring”

7. “This is how my wife cuts herself a brownie.”

8. “Went to the store during a snowstorm, came back to these weird patterns on the hood of my car.”

9. “My grandma bought a condo that was built in 2018, and I just noticed this...”

10. “My fingers turn deathly pale sometimes.”

11. “When I try to smile, one half of my mouth doesn’t go up.”

12. “This car with stitches”

13. “A package was left on my door step, and when we opened it up, this is what we found.”

14. “I got a Nicolas Cage spoon.”

15. “This candle”

16. He’s got eyes on his back.

17. “Pickle heel”

Can you find any bizarre pictures to complete this list? If so, we’d be happy to see them in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit Suiz***e / Reddit


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