15 Thoughtful Designers That Found a Way to Hide Little Surprises for Their Customers

2 years ago

Designers work hard to make product packaging as unusual and eye-catching as possible. After all, many of us won’t even appreciate an item that doesn’t instantly attract our attention. But some creative designers chose to leave hidden messages and surprises for their customers to show them how much they care.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t stop smiling as we scrolled through the photos of tiny details hidden by creative and talented designers.

1. “This dress has a clasp on the inside to secure your bra strap.”

2. “This LEGO kit has a secret message in the base that only the builder will see.”

3. “Ticket box offices at my university’s theater are ’hidden’ when they’re closed.”

4. “This box has a message under the extra packaging.”

5. “This Hot Wheels car has a little bottle opener.”

6. “This cheetah pillow has a cheetah hidden in the prints.”

7. “This Japanese postcard has a hidden pig in Mount Fuji to show the year of the pig.”

8. “This tie has mice of both the rodent and computer species.”

9. “My son received this jersey from his grandmother.”

“When it was time to change him and the shirt flipped inside out, I saw that on the other side of the team badge there is a heart with the quote “united under the same [heart] beat.”

10. “Umbrella with a hidden message behind the bottom cap when you drop it.”

11. “A shirt I got in Amsterdam that incorporates the word ‘SAIL’ in the bike.”

12. “Table with a hidden compartment”

13. “Inside this tie is a tiny giraffe wearing a tie.”

14. “Old Nokia phones used to have a smiley face hidden behind the faceplate.”

15. “My cake came with a knife that has hidden matches for birthday candles.”

Have you ever bought an item that had a hidden message or other unique details?


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