15 Timely Photos That Most of Us Will Only See on the Screen

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As people some people say, if you didn’t post it, it didn’t happen. Imagine telling your friends about a unique sight you saw without showing them any photos — they’ll be skeptical for sure. That’s exactly when our phones come to the rescue. These 15 people managed to prove they had witnessed cool stuff, and we have no reason to be suspicious — the photos show it all.

Bright Side found some things that we will probably never see in real life.

1. Whiskers of a seal at −25°C.

2. “While driving, I saw a man with a shoe in his mouth.”

3. “Today I saw a duck with an afro.”

4. “Snapped a pic of a white heron mid-catch.”

5. “Snapping a turtle taking a breath under our dock.”

6. “An albino turtle I saw on my vacation in Sri Lanka”

7. “Flowers on a wall that look like a gradient.”

8. “These bendy trees I saw on my walk this afternoon.”

9. “This pretty large dragonfly we found.”

10. “My pug’s reaction to the sound of a can of soft dog food being opened.”

11. “My cat was not impressed when a fox came by.”

12. “This raccoon peeping through my dad’s window at his raccoon figurines.”

13. “This squirrel we’ve been feeding has begun sunbathing on our deck table.”

14. “Managed to take a picture of a blue jay right before it bit me.”

15. “The human has to lock his pantry so that the biscuit thief doesn’t break in and eat through the bagel bag.”

What unusual things have you taken a picture of recently? Where do you usually find them?

Preview photo credit haydenmohr / Imgur


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