15 Times Genes Got Creative and Gave People and Animals Special Features

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There are so many variations of eye color that our eye is as unique as a fingerprint, says the American Academy of Ophthalmology. But it’s not just the color of our eyes that can be special. Some people and even animals have entire body parts that are extremely peculiar. They share them on social media, either as a way to raise awareness of their condition or simply because they’re proud of their unusual look.

1. “My daughter was born with hobbit feet.”

2. “This is Memphis. He was born with 2 noses.”

3. A condition that leaves your tongue looking like The Starry Night by Van Gogh

4. “My daughter inherited my wife’s double jointed hips.”

5. “I have a pair of moles that look like an eyebrow piercing.”

6. “This horse has an arrow on its nose.”

7. “This is my sister’s eye. She has a condition called Coloboma.”

8. “Kaylis was born with half-eyelids, so he always looks grumpy.”

9. “I have abnormally long arms.”

10. “My girlfriend has extremely flexible fingers.”

11. “My daughter was born with highlights.”

12. “I’m pretty sure my neighbor’s dog is the Lorax.”

13. “This dog has a split nose.”

14. “I have a birthmark on my leg that looks like a nipple.”

15. “Blaze, the Labrador with vitiligo”

Do you or your pet also have unusual body parts? If not, have you ever met someone or an animal who had extraordinary features?

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Blaze the lab is gorgeous with their vitiligo. The pattern of color is very striking.


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