15+ Times Our Eyes Betrayed Us

year ago

As the popularity of social media continues to grow, the number of pictures we capture will likely continue to climb as well. And it’s believed that around a hundred billion more photos are snapped each year. Among them are some mind-blowingly baffling ones that might need to be looked at twice to be properly grasped. Today, we have collected some of those most seriously confusing pictures that will totally twist your senses and change your perception of what is real.

1. “I thought that was part of her hair — it turns out it’s just a guy standing behind her.”

2. “An old baby? No, it’s just my son as he plopped down from standing.”

3. “My cat has been impaled, apparently.”

4. “I almost couldn’t tell which head belonged to either of my cats.”

5. “The view from my camper looks like a painting.”

6. “Lil’ creature wishes you peace!”

7. Spider-dog

8. “A shaved giraffe sitting on haunches, or an odd growing gum tree?”

9. “Flying meats?”

10. “My cat looks like she has 3 front paws.”

11. “Maybe windows for a staircase, I don’t know...”

12. “It looks like someone broke the cat.”

13. “2-legged giraffe?”

14. This fungus is looking like feet.

15. “He’s actually lying down on the stairs — this photo was taken looking down.”

16. “She wears all 4 legs except on Sundays.”

Let us know in the comments below which of these made you do a double take.

Preview photo credit d***4d / Reddit


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