15+ Times People Did Something That Was Worthy of a “Woah” Award

2 years ago

Whether it’s an unintentional habit or a skill honed over the years, some people have that extra zhuzh which makes them all the more unique. It can be a very particular method of peeling an orange or even a money folding technique that leaves us baffled.

Bright Side is a fan of people who dare to do things their own way. This is why we want to share situations with you that made our jaws drop and left us speechless.

1. How my wife peels a clementine.

2. ’’My wife’s legs are made of rubber.’’

3. ’’This is how I eat Cheetos at the office.’’

4. ’’The guy I work with held this rose on his nose for over 30 seconds.’’

5. ’’My friend makes epoxy resin pyramids with food.’’

6. ’’This lady paid my friend $140 today and this is how she paid it to him. It’s 7 $20 bills.’’

7. ’’This tin foil rose my wife made me for our 10-year “tin” anniversary.’’

8. ’’I spent 5 hours making my driveway chalk masterpiece and finished right before it started raining.’’

9. ’’My wife peeled an egg all in one piece.’’

10. ’’I used my laser cutter/engraver to make this rad ukulele.’’

11. ’’The power button on the tv broke. This is how my dad fixed it.’’

12. ’’How my son has figured out how to keep the dog from stealing his breadsticks.’’

13. ’’My girlfriend makes the most amazing sushi.’’

14. ’’How my dad reads a book.’’

15. ’’This kid at my school likes to stack pencils.’’

16. My son holds his water bottle with his foot.

Do you have a talent that sets you apart from others? Do you think that having unique habits is always beneficial or can it be a burden at times?

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Preview photo credit jthe357/Reddit


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