15 Times People Were So Bamboozled We Just Wanted to Hug ’Em

11 months ago

Our life is full of surprises; unfortunately, not all of them are as pleasant as we’d want them to be. But sharing these unlucky things with those close to us can make you feel better since you may receive support and a reason to laugh. Our list includes photos taken by brave people who weren’t afraid to show some upsetting things to the world.

1. “Found a grasshopper leg in my frozen peas after we had already eaten half the bag earlier today.”

2. “A mistake was made.”

3. “My mom sent me this. Apparently, she finished baking them before realizing her mistake.”

4. “My dad made the classic mistake of buying something on Amazon without checking the dimensions...”

5. “Got the whole house wired up, and I just found out I’ve made a huge mistake...”

6. “Bought a $200 bed... chooses the floor instead.”

7. “My nephew’s son is due this week. He bought a single pack of diapers. Should I tell him?”

8. “I bought some ’accent’ lashes. They look so natural.”

9. “My wife agreed to help me test the Scoville heat rating for some chilies I bought. I doubt she will agree again.”

10. “Ordered a blueberry muffin. Got 1 blueberry. I didn’t expect the description to be so accurate.”

11. “My wife isn’t great at measurements and ordered a 28” pizza for the 2 of us."

12. “My GF ordered some ankle weights for running and somehow got sent this instead... trying to convince her just to go out running with the hammer.”

13. “Wife: Your so-called 2-in-1 universal cable doesn’t work. My phone wasn’t charged last night.”

14. “I followed a complete recipe guide for a perfect burger, which is the outcome vs. expectation.”

15. “My grandparents were planning on fixing this old stove, guess they’ll have to wait.”

When was the last time you were bamboozled in a funny way? Please share your stories with us!

Preview photo credit emilyMartian / Reddit


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