15 Times Things Pretended to Be Something Else to Deceive Your Brain

year ago

The chance that you’ll meet a person with the exact facial features as you is less than 1 in 1 trillion. Only professional makeup can help you to successfully imitate others. The same thing can be said about simple things. It looks like they also like to pretend to be something different.

1. “This pumpkin in our garden has teeth.”

2. “This wood post looks like an anxious cat.”

3. “My friend told me that I look like a popsicle stick.”

4. “This piece of popcorn is shaped like my girlfriend’s cat.”

5. “Paper-thin building”

6. “This plywood knothole looks like it has teeth.”

7. “My dad saw this moss-covered branch shaped like an otter.”

8. “The shadow of this bath faucet looks like a sitting frog.”

9. “Pillars casting their own shadows, looking like they’re hollowed out”

10. “My ice cream reminds me of salmon.”

11. “Butternut squash peels are similar to low-resolution images.”

12. “These bacon slices make an evil clown.”

13. “My toothpaste came out looking like a nose.”

14. “The dust from a ramp on my suede rollerskates reminds me of an X-ray of my feet.”

15. “The reflection of my TV makes it look like Girl with a Pearl Earring is in my backyard.”

Which picture did you like the most? Have you ever tried to look like another person?


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