15 Weird Museums From Around the World That Are Worthy of Your Bucket List

4 years ago

Some museums feature things that would never normally become an exhibition item, yet people enjoy visiting them. There's a museum of funeral culture in Russia, a museum of women's hair in Turkey, and a museum of love in South Korea. When traveling abroad, we all want to have unforgettable experiences, so visiting one of the museums below may be a good idea.

We at Bright Side decided to show you 15 weird museums around the world that are worth putting on a bucket list.

15. Avanos Hair Museum, Turkey

The Avanos Hair Museum in Cappadocia, Turkey, began back in 1979 when a few locks of hair were put on display at a pottery shop. Since then, 16,000 women have left their beautiful locks hanging on the walls and ceiling.

14. Museum of World Funeral Culture, Russia

This museum of funeral culture features exhibitions on the process of cremation, mummification, and other types of body preservation. You can also see the types of clothes people wear in funerals as well as the coffins used.

13. Museum of Bad Art, USA

You read it right! The art on display is so bad that it actually ended up being worthy of a whole museum. The exhibition may also be viewed when it's traveling around the world. There are also books written on bad art that you can buy. Sometimes bad is, actually, good.

12. Cancun Underwater Museum, Mexico

What else is there to do in Cancun if you're tired of washing your body in the sea and baking it under the sun? That's right! Take a dip, and do some snorkeling or scuba-diving at this underwater museum. The museum boasts over 500 structures that, according to the museum, act as a platform for a coral reef to grow on.

11. Vent Haven Ventriloquist Museum, USA

Ventriloquist dummies, puppet dolls, and everything that is associated with this type of art is on display at Vent Haven Museum. Located in Fort Mitchell, Kentucky, the museum will welcome you with a large collection of dolls that started as a private collection over 100 years ago.

10. Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

Mmmm! A cup of steaming hot instant noodles! That's a great snack, but a whole museum of it is even better! This museum of instant noodles is a must-see attraction for tourists. You will find yourself wandering around a hall of fame of every noodle cup ever produced and playing with the interactive parts of the exhibition. Most importantly, you can have a portion of noodles right there after the tour.

9. Museum of Vampires, France

If you remember the sexy and cool part of the famous movie Paris, Je t'aime, then you will definitely want to visit the museum dedicated to all things vampire. A private collection of manuscripts, statues, and other thematic items will open the world of "vampire" Paris to you.

8. Plastinarium, Germany

If you skipped anatomy or biology classes at school, then visit the Body Worlds exhibition in one of its international locations or at the Plastinarium Museum in Germany. The exhibit has all types of human bodies and their parts, as well as carefully preserved animals. The themes of the exhibitions vary from sports-related to simple anatomy.

7. Clown Hall of Fame, USA

If you have coulrophobia, then visiting the Clown Hall of Fame may have either a therapeutic or amusing effect on you. Either way, the museum has a large exhibition of clowns from years gone by.

6. Toilet Museum, South Korea

Some people are fascinated with things that others find very trivial, but they still end up as an exhibition item in a museum. The Mr. Toilet Museum in South Korea features everything related to toilets and the culture of relieving your bowel.

5. Kansas Barbed Wire Museum, USA

Would anyone think of a barbed wire fence as an exhibition item? Well, Rush Country in Kansas certainly believes it can be a museum item and attract a lot of visitors. You may be one of them!

4. Bunny Museum, USA

Bunnies are cute and can become cartoon characters or museum items. Even cats love the bunnies in the Bunny Museum in Pasadena. You will see over 34,000 bunny toys and a petting zoo. It's open 365 days a year and holds the Guinness World Record for the biggest collection of bunnies.

3. International Spy Museum, USA

The James Bond theme song will instantly play in your head when you enter the International Spy Museum. Imagine hundreds of real and fictional espionage items: cars, secret weapons, and stories of great courage are all hidden within the museum. We dare you to visit this museum. Who knows? Maybe the CIA or FBI will recruit you right there!

2. Trick Eye Museum, South Korea

One of the coolest but also strangest trick eye places in the world is located in Seoul, South Korea. The museum's trick eye paintings depict many themes, and some of them, like the one above, have a really uncommon narrative.

1. Love Museum, South Korea

Love, love, love. And much more than that! This is the theme of another South Korean museum: the Love Museum. If you feel lonely and in need of a sexy experience, then visiting this museum is the thing to do. Just remember that it might spark some real flames within you.

We are sure that many of our readers have traveled the world and know of some weird museums and exhibitions. Share with us if you've been to a place like that!


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