15+ Wonders of Nature That People Found Lying Around

2 years ago

Mother Nature is constantly surprising us with fascinating and unusual wonders, she never slows down. From trees that look like they have eyes to a potato that is shaped like a heart, natural wonders come in all shapes and sizes.

Bright Side loves to see the fascinating discoveries and natural wonders people are able to find, so we’ve collected 16 photos showing exactly that.

1. “White fallow deer I found today in Bavaria”

2. “Nature is always amazing...”

3. “Found some crystal formations on some long-forgotten sorbet’s lid.”

4. “A log loaded with coins I found in the Welsh countryside.”

5. “Tiny dolphins, Senecio peregrinus, found outside of a local garden center”

6. “I found this heart-shaped potato in my garden.”

7. “This shark tooth I found on the beach”

8. “I found this Lion’s Mane fungus on a hike today in central Massachusetts.”

9. “This broken branch that looks like a dragon.”

10. “This tree looks like it has a face, spotted in Alpine, CA.”

11. “Near perfect reflection on the lake from my hike the other day”

12. “This flamelike mushroom I found in the woods.”

13. “This pinecone scrap I found on my walk to work this morning looks like a fox.”

14. “Full rainbow I saw in the Lake District (U.K.)”

15. “A creepy tree with eyes.”

16. “I thought a lava tube qualifies as lit.”

Have you seen any natural sights that surprised your eyes? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

Preview photo credit ZachByrdHimself / Reddit


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