16 Babies That Already Look Like They Can Ask for Senior Discounts

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2 years ago

Babies start to show off their first smile around 6 to 8 weeks of age. Some newborns look like grumpy little old people — in a good way — because both very young and very old people have too much skin for the bone underneath.

Babies are miracles to all of us, no matter what they look like, and Bright Side wanted to celebrate 16 infants that remind us of our grandparents.

1. “Kayley, honey, would you go in the kitchen and make Pop-Pop a plate?”

2. “Here’s me 32 years ago looking like a bad-tempered octogenarian.”

3. “Telling my newborn son how much I love him”

4. “At 2 days old, my daughter has perfected the ’Are they using my driveway to turn around?’ look.”

5. “Only 10 weeks old and the diva is showing. I think we’re in trouble.”

6. “Apparently, when I was a few days old, I was very suspicious of my Nan...”

7. “I gave birth to the grumpiest baby. What do I win? Attitude.”

8. “Here for the liver and onions...”

9. “My son is a grumpy old man that is tired of his father.”

10. “Years and years of being addicted to milk has caught up with him.”

11. “I’ve been using my nephew as reaction pictures.”

12. “You look like Todd from Breaking Bad.

13. “My 3-week-old daughter reminds me of an old aunty that always judges you.”

14. “That is the oldest man’s face I’ve ever seen on a baby.”

15. “My son must have been a mob boss in a past life.”

16. “Why does this baby look like it pays taxes?”

Do you think these babies are really grumpy, or do they just look like it? Do you know anyone who’s about to become a parent? Tag them in the comments, and maybe you’ll make their day.


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