16 Cats That Can’t Survive, Even a Moment, Away From Their Humans

3 years ago

The classic move of any cat that wants attention is to lie down on a laptop or bite their owners. Meowing is another good option. Some animals are actually pretty creative when trying to attract attention.

We at Bright Side know that you never get tired of cats. And the in bonus, you will find cats whose fish was stolen (the expressions on their faces are priceless.)

1. “This is Watson, he does this every time I open a book.”

2. PlayStation police failing to stop the activity

3. The cat that really wants to help

4. It’s 5:15 AM... “Get up human”

5. “My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right after. I’ve been setting my alarm 30 minutes early every day to give her more happy time.”

6. “Stop working immediately, I am in desperate need of attention.”

7. “I wake up to this most of the time.”

8. “My cat always wants attention. A baby sling is the perfect needy cat solution.”

9. “My cat has a habit of throwing herself on the floor or flopping on the floor and trying to be cute when she wants attention.”

10. “Stop working and fill my bowl with tuna, hooman!”

11. “PLAY! NOW!”

12. “My cat adores my husband. This video shows his everyday ritual. He won’t let my husband work.”

13. “My keyboard is right under them.”

14. Modern problems require modern solutions.

15. “Stop working, Helen. It’s the weekend and I won’t allow it. Now feed me please and thank you.”

16. “Cat (chewing on a plastic container): I wanna play!
Cat (chewing on a candle after I’ve chased her away from the plastic): I wanna PLAY!
Cat (chewing on my new microphone): I WANNA PLAY!!!”

“Guess who’s playing with a cat, friends.”

Bonus: “I ate the last piece of fish in front of my cats and they’ve been sitting and staring at me for 10 minutes.”

How do your furry friends get your attention?

Preview photo credit HazelBBurris / twitter


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My kitty which I recently adopted follows me everywhere! Yesterday she sneaked into the bathroom while I was having a bath and I hardly noticed. So when I went out and closed the door behind me I heard her crying. She was still inside! Such cuties


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