16 Dads Share Pics of Their Kids, Showing How They Handle Being a Parent

Being a parent can be very nerve-racking, but a sense of humor can help you in any place, at any time. Even if your kid doesn’t know the word “privacy” and disturbs you in the bathroom, you can share this situation with other parents so you can laugh together at your life, which is never boring these days.

1. “I was so proud thinking he ate all his lunch.”

2. “How I eat candy around my kids”

3. “My daughter insists on wearing my socks, but only the ones that have her face all over them.”

4. “I’m staying at a hotel this week with a sliding bathroom door that doesn’t lock. Privacy is non-existent.”

5. “Does anybody else’s backseat look like this?”

6. “My son loves butter.”

7. “He typed a memo, broke the keyboard, and pushed all the papers into the trash.”

“Bring Your Kid to Work Day was a successful failure by 8:15 a.m.”

8. “Yes, Apple. I am aware.”

9. “I vaguely remember having privacy before kids. Very vaguely.”

10. “This is how we found our son sleeping this morning. Poor guy, he’s fighting off a cold.”

11. “I took my daughter to Target to get a new toy and I couldn’t be prouder of the one she chose. She loves fixing everything now.”

12. “His twin brother wouldn’t eat breakfast, so this little man ate the whole pot of oatmeal by himself. Look at that belly!”

13. “It’s the little wins.”

14. “I was playing a video game with my son. My daughter was behind me giggling the whole time. This was the end result. I feel beautiful.”

15. “I just love that children at this age believe they are invisible hiding like this. Added cuteness bonus: 1 missing sock.”

16. “All I feel is proud of my invention.”

How many kids would you like to have? What is the most beautiful thing about being a parent?


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