16 Gift Ideas for Animal Lovers Who Can’t Spend a Day Without Their Precious Pets

4 years ago

Many of us love our pets so much that we keep missing them whenever we’re not at home. Animal themed items help us “carry” our pets with us. Mugs, magnets, calendars and even socks that will make your legs look like your dog’s — it seems like anything can be made in the shape of your beloved pet these days!

Here at Bright Side, we adore our pets and we love giving and receiving gifts. Here are 16 items that we believe perfectly combine these 2 passions, and we hope you find the perfect presents for yourselves and your friends in our list.

1. A car headrest pillow with a portrait of your doggo

2. 3D fridge magnets in the shape of the most attractive part of a corgi

3. Coffee mugs with a handle made in the form of dogs of different breeds like the Shiba Inu, French Poodle, Husky, German Shepherd, and more

4. And these are mugs for cat lovers.

5. This calendar shows you conversations that would take place if cats could use smartphones and text their humans.

6. This ball will grab the attention of your pooch and make them sit still for a while so that you can take the perfect selfie.

7. A 3D corgi butt-shaped mouse pad

8. There’s something for cat butt lovers too: a themed coloring book!

9. This door hanger looks like a cat trying to catch your falling clothes.

10. Cat blankets with a variety of patterns

11. These dog treat molds come with a recipe book so that you can cook the best treats for your sweet doggo right at home.

12. Heat resistant oven gloves that look like cat paws

13. Socks that copy the fur patterns of cats, dogs, and other animals

14. A cat-shaped ice cube mold

15. A Corgi themed car tissue holder

16. Cat-shaped sticky page flags and paper clips will remind you of your kitty while you’re doing office work.

Which of these gifts would you like to receive yourself or give to a pet lover you know? Do you have pet-themed items? Show us your pictures in the comments!

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Hhahaha I can't believe something like number 6 exists! Smart tho ?


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