16 Hollywood Celebrities Doppelgängers That Are So Good, It’s Hard to Tell Who’s the Real One

3 years ago

In 2015, Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology, concluded in his study that people get their facial features through something similar to a random number game. That’s why almost every person on the planet ends up having some similar or identical facial characteristics as someone else. But this doesn’t mean that 2 people can be exact replicas since there’s always going to be some feature that sets them apart.

Bright Side has found 16 non-famous people who are the doppelgängers of some of our most favorite celebrities.

1. Turkish George Clooney on the subway

2. Asian Johnny Depp with exactly the same facial features

3. The Russian plumber version of Hugh Laurie

4. Brazilian Danny Devito

5. Indian Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman)

6. Indian Nicolas Cage with a mustache

7. The female version of Jay-Z

8. Jeff Goldblum and his 2 doppelgängers from different epochs

9. Mexican Morgan Freeman serving street food

10. The Asian Brad Pitt that will paint your house

11. Swedish Leonardo Dicaprio who works as a model

12. Egyptian Kanye West with a few more pounds

13. White Laurence Fishburne

14. The identical lost twin of Ed Sheeran

15. Russian Jason Statham eating a kebab

16. Martial artist Kostas Karipidis and his lookalike Ben Kingsley

Have you ever seen someone you thought was a celebrity? Share your stories with us in the comments section below!


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