16 Movies Whose Minuscule Mishaps Didn’t Escape Someone’s Attention

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Filmmakers sometimes miss errors in their quest for an exceptional shot. The reasons for these inaccuracies are uncertain and may be due to carelessness, lack of attention, or an intentional desire to highlight the film. However, nothing goes unnoticed by observant viewers who pay attention to detail.

1. Titanic

The water in the ocean is typically murky due to the large quantity of organic waste present. However, the film depicts the water as being crystal clear.

2. Back to the Future

During his parents’ prom in 1955, the main character performs with a Gibson ES-345 guitar, which was created in 1958. Even time travel cannot explain how Marty acquired this guitar 3 years before its release.

3. Pearl Harbor

While at dinner, Kate Beckinsale’s character removes her handkerchief and leaves it behind. However, when she departs from the table, no handkerchief is visible. After a few seconds, the handkerchief miraculously appears on the table.

4. Spotlight

Throughout the scene where the journalist played by Rachel McAdams interviews the crime victim, they are seen taking notes, but upon inspection of their notebook, it is revealed that there is not a single word written down.

5. Pulp Fiction

watch displays a specific time during Christopher Walken’s character’s recollection. However, when the camera zooms in on the watch’s face, it becomes apparent that the hands of the watch are positioned in a completely different manner.

6. Notting Hill

In a scene where the main character bumps into Julia Roberts’ character, she looks up, and the reflection of the entire film crew is visible on her sunglasses.

7. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The majority of the characters in the movie wear anti-reflective lenses, which were not commonly used until the 1980s, and the quality of the coatings was subpar at the time. As a result, it would have been impossible for Sharon Tate to have worn glasses with this type of coating in 1969.

8. Alexander

In the movie’s opening scene, Ptolemy I Soter, an elderly character, discusses Alexander while the lighthouse of Alexandria operates in the background. However, historically, the lighthouse was not completed until after Ptolemy I’s death, during the reign of his son, Ptolemy II Philadelphus.

9. Frida

In the movie’s opening scene, a group of men are shown carrying a bedridden Frida. While lying down, she looks up at a large mirror above her head, and her dangling earrings expose a behind-the-scenes secret. However, in this particular shot, Salma Hayek is depicted standing up, whereas earlier, she was shown lying down.

10. Ocean’s Eleven

Brad Pitt is renowned for his insatiable appetite; nonetheless, it would have been improbable for the actor to consume two distinct dishes during a brief scene, no matter how voracious his appetite may be.

11. The Matrix

The camera is visible in the reflection of the doorknob in the scene. Despite the filmmakers’ attempts to conceal it, such as covering it with Morpheus’ jacket, attentive viewers noticed the mistake.

12. The Graduate

Per the film’s storyline, the protagonist travels to Berkeley, a city on the eastern side of the San Francisco Bay. However, the viewers can observe Dustin Hoffman’s character driving on the bridge’s upper deck, which is in the opposite direction.

13. The Other Boleyn Girl

In the movie, Natalie Portman’s character, Anne Boleyn, is shown wearing various French headdresses popular in 16th-century England, replacing traditional English headdresses. However, in one scene, the costume designers made an error by not combing back the heroine’s hair, which contradicts the rules of wearing French headdresses. Although most viewers may have missed the mistake, fashion historians were not pleased.

14. Moulin Rouge!

During a particular scene, the thin straps of Nicole Kidman’s dress are briefly replaced by wider straps for a few seconds.

15. Twilight

Vampires in the Twilight universe only get scars when other vampires bite them. That’s why tattooing vampires seems impossible since their skin will heal from any needle that can penetrate it.

16. Marie Antoinette

Upon closer examination, it becomes apparent that the queen’s son is wearing hair extensions.

We don’t consider mistakes in movies a great tragedy because they are made by people like you and us. Everyone can be a little inconsiderate, even great filmmakers. For us and you, it’s an extra reason to turn on the extra attention to have a little fun.


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