16 People Shared the “Glorious” Moments of Their Childhood That Made Us Go, “Tee-Hee!”

2 years ago

People are social creatures — that’s why we sometimes experience feelings of embarrassment. Though it’s unpleasant, psychologists claim it’s necessary to feel this way to act wisely. With that said, we don’t have to feel bad about some cringe-worthy situations in the past — it’s much more fun to accept your past self.

We at Bright Side found some people who shared funny photos from their childhood and teenage years, and we invite you to admire them with us.

1. “This was me at 16...I’m a dude.”

2. “4 going on 40 with this ’90s glamour shot”

3. “10 years ago: Growing up in a small logging town, it’s a wonder I wasn’t picked on more than I was in high school.”

4. “I couldn’t even take a normal picture with my grandma...”

5. “This is me around 12 years ago. The emo phase hit me hard. :D”

6. “Me showing off my vampire books in my Mr. Bean shirt”

7. “My awesome high school senior photo, 2003”

8. “Thought this would fit here...”

9. “14 years old, at the height of my Hunger Games obsession. The bow isn’t even mine.”

10. “When you’re trying to be edgy but Mom wants a picture”

11. “I thought I was so cool and sophisticated (featuring the family portrait in my mom’s bedroom).”

12. “Old school cool”

13. “Somehow, this is my actual second-grade public school photo.”

14. “The most ’80s room there ever was (sister and me, 1989)”

15. “16-year old me fronting my first band”

16. “My aunt asked me if I wanted to go shopping and get my hair done one day in 1985. This was the result.”

What is your most regrettable photo?

Preview photo credit ttaylor0murphyy / Reddit


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