16 People Who Know What the Drama of the Neighborhood Is All About

4 years ago

Neighbors are different — some greet you every day and make your shared staircase look beautiful, others are obsessed with revenge and play loud music every evening. And every time people see a truck parked in front of their house and unloading new furniture, they secretly hope that the newcomers are good people. However, we never know whether we will get the one who loves to listen to rock music in the morning or the one who is ready to share all their stuff with you.

We at Bright Side are sure that any changes should start with ourselves. That’s why if you want to have good neighbors, you need to become a cool neighbor for them first.

“Our neighbors store the things they don’t need near the common elevator. There are many interesting things, clothes, and books that can be found there. Those who need them, take them.”

Musical instruments are a nightmare for any neighbor.

“We just moved into a new neighborhood, and when I went to mow the front lawn, he was already at it. Said he does it once for all the new neighbors as a welcoming gift.”

The circle has closed.

“My neighbor made a giant caterpillar with colorful bowling balls. Then he noticed my 2-year-old loved it and always looked out the window to see it. So my neighbor moved it so it was closer to us and aimed it at my son’s window.”

“Our neighbor decorated the corridor between the apartments with plaster reliefs. Now people visit our floor as if they are coming to see an exhibition.”

We were always surprised as to why our neighbors had parties opposite to our bathroom. Just found out the privacy window was installed backward and they were able to see us fully naked the whole time."

“Woke up to noises coming from my bathroom. It turns out my neighbor tried getting into my apartment through my medicine cabinet.”

About sudden bursts of jealousy...

“There is an artist living next to my granny and every time I open the front door I walk into a fairytale.”

“When the neighbor’s dog wants to be friends with you, but you are separated by a stupid fence.”

“After having used all the space in our apartment for her ideas, my mom started to decorate the staircase. Our neighbors then began to share their souvenirs, flowers, and even paintings.”

“My neighbor has a message...”

“Our neighbors changed the front door and the old one was standing between the floors for a long time. They moved out recently and we finally understood why that old door was kept around for so long.”

Kind deeds are done silently.

“This guy, who is in his 70s, plows the sidewalk every morning for his neighbors. He does this for the entire block!”

What kind of relationship do you have with your neighbors? Are you friends with them or do you not even greet each other?

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Whenever I read about someone helping their neighbors by removing snow it's always some old person doing it.


I can't believe the audacity of the neighbors that store their unwanted things OUTSIDE their own house. I mean????


Ok, the dog and the drilling person... how can someone even be like that? Poor dog :(


My next door neighbor is a renter, while I am an owner. He throws food outside his unit on the common area all the time. Alaskan king crab shells, lemons, lobster shells, etc. I pick them up because I don't want to encourage wildlife. He knows this isn't allowed, he does it just to get a rise out of people.


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