16 People Whose Transformations Blew Us Away

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Get ready to be inspired by the incredible journeys of people who underwent transformations that left us in awe. From overcoming adversity to finding new paths, these individuals prove that anything is possible with determination and perseverance.

1. “My teeth, before and after braces”

2. “2 years of hard work and finding a love of fitness!”

3. “I’m very proud of where I am today!”

4. “The kind of difference weight makes within 4 months!”

5. “I have a more defined chin now!”

6. “The most important thing is that you feel well.”

7. “I’ve never felt happier with my body. Best decision I ever made!”

8. “Found this shirt the other day in the back of my closet.”

9. “17 to 20, lost a ton of weight and gained some confidence.”

10. It is so amazing when we see people smiling more confidently.

11. “Changed a lot more than my weight over the last few years!”

12. “My skin in 2020 vs now in 2023 — keep going!”

13. “I’m finally starting to feel strong and like myself.”

14. “It’s not an easy process, but it’s well worth it.”

15. Hard work and determination always pay off.

16. “Never in a million years did I think I’d get to make one of these.”

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#9 is cute. Wonder of the girls kept their big girl personality.


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