16 People That Have Gone Through a Huge Transformation With Age

4 years ago

Sometimes, changes just take some time: this is why teenagers that don’t like their appearance often transform into attractive young men and women. And sometimes, the changes are the result of conscious efforts: like vision or bite correction, changes in hairstyle or hair color, developing a healthy lifestyle, and of course, loving yourself.

If you are inspired by surprising transformations just as much as we are, here at Bright Side you will definitely like the photos in this compilation.

“13 on the left, and 25 on the right — after 2 rounds of braces, vision correction, and making an effort to be active and eat right.”

Brace yourself for a couples edition — 11 years old and 23 years old

“14 to 20, I lost weight, took care of myself, and stopped cutting my hair.”

“Didn’t realize how much I changed until I got my passport renewed. Photos at the age of 13 and 22.”

“My boyfriend — 14 versus 19”

“9 years old to 27 years old. A fat kid who refused to brush her hair to whatever it is I’m doing now.”

I went from a plump child into a cute girl.

“From 98 lbs to 114 lbs = 16 lbs gained in 12 months. My Marfan syndrome keeps me on the thin side, but I think I look a lot less sickly now!”

“14 to 22. I thought I was hardcore with that hair.”

“9 to 19. What a difference 10 years makes.”

16 to 20. Just look at the contrast.

“10 vs 33. As a kid I thought I was hideously nerdy. Looking back I actually think that little girl is adorable. Happy to have evolved though.”

16 years old vs 24 years old

“11 to 19... I think I might’ve changed a little.”

13 years old vs 21 years old

“12 years old to 22 years old. To be fair, I did think I looked pretty elegant at the time.”

Which change inspired you the most?


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the most pleasant about this is that their transformations went great and they look just stunning now :)


I also look at my childhood photos sometime and ask myself "was it even me???"

I changed so much!


Good job on the guys who lost their weight.. real motivators ?


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