16 Perfectly Timed Shots That Were Blessed by the Universe

year ago

We take photos with a camera so that we can look back on them and relive our memories. But every now and then, the photos we take are unusual or too funny not to share, and it brightens our days as we laugh about them and reminisce about when we first saw them.

We at Bright Side compiled photos that the universe seemingly made on purpose, and they’re either very funny or unbelievable.

1. “Petting my hound”

2. Back or front?

3. “My cat’s trying to eat his sister, who is so done with him.”

4. “A bee photobombs my dog.”

5. “There is a hole in my curtain, so the sun hit me right in the eye.”

6. “Got a picture right as lightning struck.”

7. “A guy put his helmet on the trunk, resulting in a really long neck.”

8. He has the longest finger in the world.

9. “Alien invasion (ceiling lights reflecting on a glass window)”

10. “She sat on the other end but looks like she’s lying in a floating box.”

11. “Iguana photobomb”

12. “Dr. Strange’s library”

13. An Elmo woman is sleeping.

14. “A new Pokémon spotted in the wild through a reflection”

15. “An airplane slices through the clouds.”

16. “A husky drives home.”

Which one of these images is your favorite? Do you have any photos that are similar to these? Tell us in the comments.


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