16 Real Life Coincidences That Are Better Than Any Photoshopped Picture

3 years ago

Attentive people have a special ability to see rare beauty. They manage to notice how the details of reality coincide like a puzzle, just for a split second, and merge in random harmony. And if the observer also manages to take a picture, then we all can enjoy this moment. Our favorite photos in this article are of the calf who was born on Valentine’s Day and the couple who was never destined to be together.

We at Bright Side are in love with photos that were directed by life itself and want to share a new compilation of “frozen moments” with you!

1. A love story that never happened

2. This calf was born on Valentine’s Day.

3. “I attempted to take a cute picture of my dog and me. This was the result.”

4. This bird was painted by accident with 2 spills of paint.

5. The chosen one

6. This orchid looks like an exotic bird.

7. “My husband knows how to make a rainbow!”

8. The snow turned the cooling system into a giant Lego.

9. The fire dragon

10. The clouds reflecting off this building look pixelated.

11. “This reminded me of billiards.”

12. Do you see a leg? But it’s right there!

13. The shadows between 2 coffee mugs

14. The paint on the trees perfectly matches the sea level.

15. Error 404: drink not found

16. “A child on the subway accidentally stepped on my foot with a dusty boot.”

Bonus: Greenland looks like an unrealistic, too-perfect-to-be-true Photoshopped picture.

Do you have any photos you consider to be lucky shots? Share them with us!

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin / Pikabu


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Hahaha the girl with a Doggo.... Actually me, I can never get a selfie right when my dog is around ??


We live in a world where people can take photo of others and post them in socmed without permission anymore. So sad.


That's amazing! When I saw the preview photo, that's the first one, I actually thought it was Photoshop.... That would be a great couple actually :)


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