16 Resourceful People Who Came Up With Genius Solutions in the Blink of an Eye

year ago

There are 2 types of people: those who have amazing DIY skills and those who are just creative. Hold on, there’s also a third type — people with a great sense of humor. It doesn’t matter what happens to them in life, they can always come up with something that makes them winners in the end.

Bright Side found 16 photos where people decided to keep their chin up and creativity levels high.

1. “My wife didn’t want to take maternity photos, so I took her place.”

2. “My grandmother complained her remote was confusing, so I grandma-ified it for her.”

3. “My buddy asked for a moustache tattoo. The foreign worker didn’t understand. She asked him to write it down. The result.”

4. “When my dad told me to ’act cool,’ I threw my arm up way too high, like I didn’t have a care in the world.”

5. “No one told me which teeth to smile with, so I chose the bottom.”

6. “I was busy and told my little brother to get a bag of potatoes, peel half of them and boil. He’s a true genius.”

7. “I took away my son’s electronics for bad behavior. He grabbed my calculator and said he’d play with it instead.”

8. “My burrito wouldn’t stay together, so I figured this would work.”

9. “Had to go out in a flooded area, but I didn’t want wet socks, and I didn’t have waterproof shoes, so I improvised.”

10. “My dog can’t swim and sinks like a rock. She doesn’t look too thrilled.”

11. “All the grocery stores were sold out of pumpkins, so I carved a watermelon instead.”

12. “The dial on my deodorant broke so I use an allen key.”

13. “My grandma wanted some ’creative’ grad photos of my friend and I. This was her least favorite.”

14. “It was my dad’s birthday today, but we didn’t have the right numbers, so we got creative.”

15. “Grandma, do you have some rice that I can put my phone in? It got wet. — She pulls this out of a cabinet.”

16. “My pregnant coworker has been practicing putting on diapers.”

How easily do you get out of tricky situations? Is your glass half-full or half-empty?


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