16 Stunning Sculptures That Made Us Look Twice

3 years ago

Some modern sculptures are just as great as the ones that were created during ancient times. They break the stereotypes, trick gravity, and inspire us to do great things. The artists who create these masterpieces are amazing because they manage to turn stubborn materials into art. And looking at their creations brings pure joy.

Bright Side has collected some photos of sculptures from all over the world that show how rich the human imagination can be.

Planet, Singapore

A sculpture by Nicolas Lavarenne, France

Stairway to Heaven, Australia

Balancing sculpture, National Golf Club, New Zealand

Still Water, Marble Arch, London

Homigot, South Korea

Jersey Girl, Channel Islands

Balancing sculpture, Switzerland

Cube Melt, Australia, 2015

The Transported Man at the University of Michigan, US

Bollop, Sweden

Dust, Australia, 2015

Three-Legged Buddha, King Art Center, US

A “sinking” building near the library, Australia

Floating Girl, the Philippines

Balancing sculpture in UAE

Are there any impressive sculptures in your city? Share your photos with us in the comments section below!


Oh! I wish I could see these sculptures one day. Has anyone visited them already?

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