16 superb ways to save space in your kitchen

2 years ago

Those who cook a lot know how important is to have everything in the kitchen ready to hand and in the right place, without getting in your way when you don’t need it. And everyone knows how difficult is to achieve this state of affairs.

We here at Bright Side have gathered together some of the best and most convenient ways to save space in the kitchen. You’re welcome!

A pull-out drawer for cereals, nuts and other grain-type products.

A cutting board with a hole. How cool is this thing?

An expandable kitchen table. This could definitely solve your space problem.

A niche for paper towels.

This pull-out system for pots and pans. My mom would love this!

Special drawers for your cleaning supplies. No more ugly sponges lying around!

A shelf inside a cupboard for pot covers.

Shelves for drying wet dishes. I love this one!

Storage boxes for bread and vegetables.

Special storage space for vegetables and fruits.

A pull-out drawer for your pets' food.

A deposit for spices, tea, coffee and other yummy stuff.

An organiser for your kitchen appliances.

Storage containers for cereals, nuts or coffee beans with dispensers.

A stylish spiral holder for fruit.

Plug sockets built-into your work surface, opened by pressing downwards.


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