16 Times Our Imagination Shook Us Up a Little

2 years ago

We might think that “seeing” is different from “imagining” but the truth is, imagination and reality are intertwined in our brains. Our mind uses information from previous experiences when analyzing images, and depending on what we know or remember, we may perceive things differently. This explains why we associate or recognize patterns that aren’t technically there. But that’s okay because having a wild imagination makes the world more interesting anyway.

Bright Side gathered 16 amusing photos that will play with your eyes and tickle your mind, and we hope they will add a sprinkle of fun to your day.

1. “Salvador Dali’s face”

2. “This yam looks like a human hand!”

3. “My dog’s face looks like a Vincent van Gogh painting.”

4. The glass reflection makes it look like this house was snowed in.

5. “My moisturizer came out looking like a fish, with gills and everything.”

6. This curly fry is in “treble.”

7. “The ice on my building window looks like a cat.”

8. This woman’s upside-down face looks like a mildly disappointed dwarf.

9. “My kid is levitating on the ice rink.”

10. “Pyramids” in the distance

11. “Ultra-rare, double-ended horse spotted this morning.”

12. This “dragon-breathing” fire.

13. “I found a creepy face in my spade.”

14. “She looks as if she has no legs.”

15. “I caught a rainbow in a clear mineral, and now it looks like Marvel’s ’Infinity Stone.’”

16. “My dog has 7 legs.”

Do you have a cool photo that will tap into our imaginations as well? We would love to see your pictures in our comment section.


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