16 Tweets From People Who Decided Not to Have Kids and Never Looked Back

3 years ago

Having children is often described as one of the greatest blessings a person can receive, a special moment that changes your life forever. However, as years go by, it becomes clearer and clearer that not all human beings come with a parenting gene ready to go the minute they settle down. In fact, many people out there are just fine not being parents and it’s a perfectly valid choice that deserves just as much respect as any other. But if you’re not willing to do that, don’t be surprised if people fire back on Twitter with some sarcastic comment about your life.

Today, Bright Side made a compilation of 16 tweets written by people who got sick of hearing over and over again, “When’s the baby due?” So they decided to put an end to it once and for all.

  • Biggest scam ever: apartments charging pet fees but not children fees. My cat literally lays on a blanket all day while I can literally hear children beating on the walls. ©ShalindaKirby / Twitter

  • When my friends tell me about the joys of having children, I’m always moved by just how tired they look. ©AtsukoComedy / Twitter

  • If you say, “I don’t want kids” 3 times, a middle-aged person will appear and explain that you might change your mind. ©ohnoNOTFEMINISM / Twitter

  • I react to seeing a pizza the way most women react when they see a baby. It makes me want another one of my own. ©AbbyHasIssues / Twitter

  • [Thanksgiving with the in-laws]

Me (patting my wife’s belly): “Remember, you’re eating for 2 now.”

Mother-in-law (smiling): “You mean...?”

Me: “That’s right. She’s got a tapeworm.” ©WheelTod / Twitter

  • Oh, your son is 73 months old! That’s cool! I literally have no idea if he’s 5 or 42. ©jdelwoo / Twitter

  • I’m 38 years old and childless and I’m shopping for a swing set for my backyard. You can’t tell me how to live. ©JessFink / Twitter

  • When a friend introduces me to their baby, I somberly shake their little hand and say, “Good luck out there.” ©sarahjoyshockey/ Twitter

  • The great thing about being an uncle is being able to give the kid back when they start crying. ©enterrob / Twitter

  • Maybe instead of calling women without children “childless,” we should call them “well-rested.” ©ElizaBayne / Twitter

  • My fiancé and I started a baby jar. And every time someone asks when we’re going to have kids, we put a dollar in. Then when the jar is full we will spend it on whatever we want because we don’t have kids. ©m*lly7anne / Twitter

  • Family: Why would you get tattoos? They’re expensive and painful to get and they are PERMANENT! Also family: Have a baby :) ©m*lly7anne / Twitter

Are you also constantly asked when you’re going to have children? What is your answer to these types of questions?

Preview photo credit dafloydsta / Twitter


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