20 Exquisite Photos That Can Answer the Question of “What If?”

3 years ago

We’re sure that curious and attentive people have more interesting lives. That may be because, in addition to noticing every little detail, they also manage to capture them and share them online, which makes everyone happy. For example, imagine a dog that’s happy about seeing snow, how cool frozen water can look, and what happens to a teaspoon if you use it for almost 50 years.

We at Bright Side think that we all deserve to take a breather and look at some amazing things people shared online.

1. “We got 28 inches of snow in NY this past week. He was determined to play regardless.”

2. “My grandma has used the same spoon in her coffee for about 45 years and it’s gone square!”

3. Just 10 minutes outside at −58°F

4. “The outline of my jeans on a dusty piece of cardboard I sat on”

5. “This nicely-shaped triple bubble I blew with bubblegum”

6. This is what happens if you let an ice hole freeze.

7. “This plant has been trying to stealthily steal my broom for months.”

8. “Accidentally burned my thumb on a hot screw.”

9. Ice rain created a copy of the car brand.

10. Hurricane Irma eroded away the dune this pine tree was growing on.

11. A burned-out microwave bulb left this smoke pattern inside.

12. After 1 year of wear, the tip of this drumstick has become quite pointy.

13. The way the tree roots grew into the gaps between the pavement bricks

14. Frozen droplets on a spider web string

15. “My mom burned some pasta, and now there are these marks stuck to the bottom of the pot.”

16. These 2 trees growing together

17. “My snowy backyard after a rain shower”

18. What happens if you touch a rock in the same spot

These marks are located near the White Mountain in Wyoming. It is believed to be a sacred place for the Shoshone tribe. According to a legend, the “prints of pain” were left by the women of the tribe when they came there to give birth.

19. “It’s −49°F where I live.”

20. “My neighbors accidentally made hearts while pulling into their driveway.”

Have you ever seen anything like this in your life? Share pictures in the comment section below!


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9 is one of those too good to be true moments, like how lucky do you have to be to get a perfect one like that :D


8 looks painful, and something dumb that I would do as well :D


1st pictures reminds me of my dog the first time we had snow, he lost his mind and just went crazy... wanted to go outside to play all the time :D meanwhile I was just sitting there being grumpy because I don't like snow


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