17 Animals Who Were Caught at Their Worst Moments

3 years ago

Since humans learned to talk, our facial muscles became so well developed that now we are able to reproduce more than 400 different facial expressions. Animals don't have such great abilities, but their faces can also be very expressive.

Bright Side found some photos of animals captured on camera at a very unexpected moment. Their faces are really hilarious, so look through them all!

1. I should have gone to bed earlier last night...

2. This tiger is failing at being a tiger.

3. Thoughtfully licking the window!

4. This cat is disgusted by grass.

5. When you wake up and you’re all out of coffee:

6. This goat is not the most photogenic.

7. It's been a hard day.

8. "Having a BBQ, and this is our view..."

9. This is something heartbreaking.

10. This happy deer is eating an apple.

11. I am not fat. I'm big boned.

12. This husky is really special.

13. The bear is obviously bored.

14. You never know when this guy is watching you.

15. A curious llama at the petting zoo!

16. Not all pets are photogenic.

17. A very serious deer!

Which of them made you laugh? Do you have your own pets or photos of other funny and unphotogenic animals? We would like you to share them with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit pixieO / imgur


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