17 Celebrities Who Are Never at a Loss for Jokes

4 years ago

Celebrities are not always people whose personal life is locked down by a massive cover-up. They also like to tell jokes, post funny selfies on Instagram, and have fun with their friends.

We at Bright Side have grown even more fond of celebrities who don’t feel shy about telling jokes on the internet and are eager to share these most remarkable gems with you.

When people tell you “you don’t look 50,” part of you believes it... until you see yourself sleeping.

Halle Berry’s reaction to Hugh Jackman’s kiss:

Someone replaced Cardi B’s face with Will Smith’s and the actor even posted this funny video on his Instagram.

Sophie Turner doesn’t let the actors of Game of Thrones relax, even behind the scenes.

She is also not afraid to post behind-the-scenes photos by herself. For example, the photo where she fell asleep between shoots.

She’s not the only one who likes to fool around on set.

“This is what it took not only to shoot episode 5...but to watch it too!”

Cole Sprouse takes photos of fans trying to take photos of him. He even started a new Instagram account for these shots.

At the Kids’ Choice Awards ceremony organized by Nickelodeon, all celebrities are covered with green slime while they are giving a speech. Chris Pratt experienced this tradition firsthand.

Second to none, Robert Downey, Jr.

Courteney Cox tests out new Snapchat filters

Lisa Kudrow also never misses an opportunity to try trendy filters.

“That horse literally... just bit my boob!”

Charlize Theron has also had a similar unpleasant moment, but with a puppy.

Julia Roberts doesn’t feel shy about sharing her fears.

Will Smith, enjoying his vacation to the fullest

When you’ve finally solved another case that all of Scotland Yard was breaking their heads over. And managed to prove to Anderson one more time that he is a know-nothing.

Do you believe that they can keep their outstanding sense of humor even while being world famous celebrity? We would be glad to hear from you in the comments!

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