17 Creative Amazon Gift Ideas That Both Adults and Kids Will Adore

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About 50% of people leave their holiday shopping to the last minute. To avoid panic and queues, switch to Amazon! It has a whole section of gifts that will save you from such a puzzle as “What to give?”

We at Bright Side have selected 17 universal presents that everyone from your mom to the neighbor’s kid will love.

1. Now the hat bunny trick also includes toothpicks!

2. The elephant will always be on the table ready to hold your phone.

3. The kitty will save you the need to make a whole pot of tea.

4. The bathroom will now be as soft as the bed with this special pillow.

5. A wooden holder named Groot comes in handy in any room.

6. The bike will exceed the level of enjoyment of eating pizza!

7. The stylish hanger will elegantly hold both scarves and men’s ties.

8. Serving drinks in this iced pineapple will get a WOW-reaction from your friends.

9. The esteemed Albert Einstein will literally be at the same table with you.

10. This blanket will turn your outdoor vacation into a burger party!

11. It’s time to introduce children to the mouse which will store their savings better than a safe.

12. Multicolored light ribbons will create the atmosphere of a luxury cinema right in your home.

13. The comfy blanket will now be with you all the time in the shape of a super soft sweater!

14. Surprise sock-box in the form of a pizza can cause a storm of emotions!

15. Exotic animals in your home is no longer a dream but a reality.

16. No more lost scrunchies!

17. Cactus doesn’t mind trying on accessories and looking after them either.

What was the coolest gift you got for your last holiday?

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