17 Easy and Brilliant Solutions We Wish We Had Come Up With

3 years ago

Some people are able to solve problems that thousands of others have been trying to cope with for years. Just have a look at this bedsheet pocket where you can put your smartphone or glasses before going to bed, earbuds that won’t tangle, and a USB connector that works both ways!

Bright Side has collected photos proving that simplicity is genius.

“My new set of sheets came with a handy little pocket.”

“Where can I buy these?”

“My school combats littering by installing basketball hoops above trash cans.”

“This black towel in my hotel room is for makeup so the white ones don’t get stained.”

This USB connector works both ways.

This train’s tray table has a groove for putting an iPad or a tablet in it.

A restroom at a bar in Minneapolis that has a splash guard for your shoes and a mini shelf for your drink

This air-conditioned temporary doghouse at the mall

“My cruise ship has these little cups that have paper flaps that protect your hands.”

This picnic table has a built in seat for infants and a small bench for kids.

“My neighbor trimmed their tree so the sidewalk can still be used.”

“My tie came with a miniature guide.”

This bathroom at a gas station has a switch to alert an employee that it needs cleaning.

“This vending machine in my local library sells office supplies.”

The way this beer can opens:

This pack comes with a floss pick.

This car cup holder has removable and adjustable cup bits.

Have you ever faced any creative solutions to common problems?

Preview photo credit Jackinmybox / Reddit


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