17 Employees Shared the Craziest Claims They’ve Heard From Customers

2 years ago

Customer service is hard. You need to know how to properly answer each client’s questions, provide them with the best possible assistance, and handle complaints when they aren’t satisfied with your product or service. But what happens when these claims are so peculiar that they even make us doubt if they’re serious or not? A Twitter user who works in a museum shared an unusual experience that she had at her job when a woman went in expecting to see a live saber-toothed cat (and Jurassic Park is likely to blame).

This post immediately triggered a thread of replies in which other users shared their own experiences, and Bright Side collected the most amusing ones.

1. The Tweet that started it all

2. They don’t make eclipses like they used to.

3. Where are the Vikings?

4. The mountain where deer turn into moose

5. This is not the real Titanic!

6. There are a lot of stories involving the Titanic.

7. But the exhibition is called “Dinosaurs Alive”!

8. There are only animals and plants in this zoo.

9. The clock that gave the wrong time

10. Another book without real angels

11. Where are the dinosaurs in an art museum?

12. The instant tattoo

13. Are there no filters for clouds?

14. I need a wireless rodent.

15. She just wanted to see the tulips.

16. Do animals work if it rains?

17. Another tour that doesn’t show leprechauns...

Has something similar happened to you at work, or have you ever heard a strange complaint from a client? Tell us in the comments!

Please note: This article was updated in February 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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Ahaha it takes real courage to work somewhere with customers.... Customer's service is the WORST. I managed to stay just for 4 months last summer and at the end of that period, I was ready for therapy :p


I'm not sure if some of these people were serious or just trolling


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