17 Household Items That Belong in a Landfill and Not in Your Apartment

3 years ago

We can only see perfect interiors without any flaws on the pages of glossy magazines. But the harsh reality is that our homes quickly become filled with little things that hopelessly ruin even the most stylish home decor. Any designer, without hesitation and regret, would throw these things away because they nullify any efforts that have been made to create a beautiful and comfortable living space.

Bright Side has carefully studied the opinions of professionals and we’ve come up with a list of items that should have been retired a long time ago.

1. Mat for the kitchen sink

In the past, stainless-steel sinks were wildly popular. People used to also buy plastic mats that protected the coating from scratches, suppressed noise, and protected the dishes from chipping.

Today, people more often choose sinks made of artificial or natural stone that are less susceptible to damage and look more aesthetically pleasing. For fans of stainless-steel sinks, designers advise having a look at transparent silicone mats that don’t attract as much attention as their outdated predecessors.

2. A utility bin as a trash bin

These bins are often kept out in plain sight and look sloppy and dreary. Fortunately, contemporary design solutions have transformed this object too. Experts are sure that the waste disposal area can be not only practical and functional, but also beautiful.

3. Plastic sets of bathroom accessories

They still can be found in apartments pretty often because of their low cost and availability. But plastic accessories only cheapen the interior of the bathroom. Don’t forget that accessories play an important role in the interior. That’s why you definitely shouldn’t try to save money on them.

4. Outdated chandelier

Outdated chandeliers, sconces, and dim lighting can ruin the interior of any room. Give up the models that were trendy 10-20 years ago, without any regrets. Stylish lighting fixtures and the right lighting can visually expand the space and make the interior feel cozier.

5. Round beds

A round bed doesn’t look appropriate in every bedroom. It takes up a lot of space and requires special bedding. It’s time to leave this not very practical piece of furniture in the past.

6. Shower curtain

Plastic multicolored curtains for the bathroom still haven’t gone away. Designers are outraged with this fact and strongly recommend replacing these curtains with protective glass structures that look stylish and expensive.

7. Soft kitchen corner

This detail looks outdated, cumbersome, and eats up precious space. Experts advise considering alternative options for the dining area.

8. Decorative fake fireplace

Fake decor elements aren’t popular among designers, because simplicity and natural materials are trendy today. We suggest getting rid of these false fireplaces made of plasterboard without any regret and selecting a stylish alternative. Like for example, these.

9. Solid leather furniture

A bulky leather set is at the top of the list of hopelessly outdated sofas. It’s way too expensive, looks stiff, and isn’t the most comfortable option to sit on. In addition, in an average apartment, it looks ridiculous and eats up valuable space. Leather furniture would probably look more harmonious in a country house.

10. Water filter jug

These filters ​​create a “visual noise” effect in the kitchen that all designers don’t like. You can safely get rid of this relic of the past, because today, there are more attractive-looking devices that are better quality and still filter your water.

11. Bulky computer desks

In the 1990s and 2000s, this piece of furniture was proudly flaunted in the corner of the room in almost every apartment. Massive computer desks with storage shelves and a retractable keyboard compartment are an item from the past. Today, they’ve been replaced with mobile, lightweight, multifunctional furniture.

12. Soft or wooden toilet seats

These seats aren’t hygienic, and their design is hopelessly outdated. We can safely forget about this item from the ’90s like a bad dream.

13. Scented candles

Cheap scented candles not only emit a pungent and sickeningly strong smell, but they also release harmful substances into the air. It’s better to pay a little more for a really high-quality product to know for sure that it won’t harm your health. An excellent alternative is an aromatic diffuser with interior perfume for your home.

14. Cheap or old interior doors

Doors are an integral part of the interior and an indicator of the status and income of the homeowners. Professionals don’t advise trying to save money on them. After all, cheap models not only show their poor quality, but they also make the interior look cheap and outdated.

15. Dishes not intended for feeding a pet

No kitchen can be called stylish and luxurious if there is an old saucer for the cat in the corner.

16. Plastic strainer for the sink

It looks cheap and can ruin the impression of even the most expensive and fashionable kitchen. Even without this item, the kitchen sink is full of attention-grabbing details, so you shouldn’t aggravate the situation by using this.

17. Old computer chair

Over time, any chair deforms, becomes uncomfortable, and looks, to put it mildly, dull. The fabric wears out, the leather cracks, and the upholstery sags. Don’t forget to change the thing that you are sitting on in a timely manner, because it has long been proven that the comfort of your work chair has a positive effect on your productivity. Don’t skimp on your comfort — your back, neck, and other body parts will definitely say “thank you.”

What things from this list do you have at home? Are you ready to part with them?

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Round beds do look super comphy tho! but yeah It's probably hell to clean


We live in an older house and have such a steel sink, but we don't really care if it gets scratched up :D that's another way of dealing with it!


In my apartment where I still live w/ my parents (i am not an adult yet),


are present. Although I hate this apartment,in the future I will have MY apartment with MY furniture and MY rules 🤣


Alot of these things are pretty good actually. Saying that they belong in a landfill is WAY to harsh!


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